LL2 crashed!

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LL2 crashed! Empty LL2 crashed!

Post  IceCreamy on Fri 16 Oct 2009 - 22:14

Hello all, I have some bad news. I will explain:

I was playing at LL2, I think it was around 17.00 . Then there was a person called 'Bye Bye Admin Levels' and the messages on the left side of the screen said that someone was manually hacking the client guid, or w/e it was.

I had seen it before, and nothing happened, so I didn't tell anyone about it and figured that it would be nothing to worry about. Later, around 20.00 , I was playing on LL5 and some people connected saying that LL2 crashed, was hacked etc.

Then, I could ofc make the connection...

Sorry, for being so ignorant. I hope this info helps you with getting server back Smile

P.S. The server monitor said there were 40/40 online, while there were maybe only 10-20 people online at that time. Apperantly smth went wrong badly...

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LL2 crashed! Empty Re: LL2 crashed!

Post  remmog on Fri 16 Oct 2009 - 23:20

It seems the people who can help are not available now... So here are my 2 cents if it helps:

My guess from what I saw when connecting on LL2, is that there is someone who does some kind of fake connections on the server. I looks like there is something acting like a player, named "bye bye admin powers", who would be connecting, then not arriving correctly on the server and doing a timeout after x seconds. But during all that time, a slot has been used to hold that fake player.
As I said it's a guess, the console logs would give real clues.

But to simplify a lot:
1) connection of something like a player named "bye bye admin powers", 1 slot is beeing taken.
2) nothing... wait...
3) timeout, the slot is beeing released
rince & repeat

If this is right, then the best would be to ban the ip(s) of those fake player(s), on the server (ie on the computer that runs the ET servers). But it requires the root access (or some well defined user account) to the server and normally only Bore should have that...

Another solution is to change the port of the LL-2, from 27961 to 27969 for example, like that the fake players won't find the server and won't pollute it. But all players won't se it unless they check here :/


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LL2 crashed! Empty Re: LL2 crashed!

Post  RaMeS on Sat 17 Oct 2009 - 1:50

LL2 is back guys

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LL2 crashed! Empty Re: LL2 crashed!

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