Roofing on Baserace Desert

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Roofing on Baserace Desert Empty Roofing on Baserace Desert

Post  Carnage on Sat 17 Oct 2009 - 23:19

I know this isn't too important, but this is just to show some of the roofing you'd see when the server isn't controlled enough (i.e. when no admin/member is specing). Since I'm getting tired of this map, this time I decided to spec instead of play and these are some moments of rule-breaking I captured:

*Demo 1 - you can see DramenDog [three, or even more times], The-SilverDr@gon [more than twice during the game] and Sony PL [once] roofing;
*Demo 2 - Gladiator roofing (I warned him);
*Demo 3 - Alex_PL roofing;

I couldn't get them all, but I took those screenshots that show a LL member punishing (!disorient) a player for the same reason.

*Screenshot 1
*Screenshot 2

There's probably more, since this is just few minutes of recording and the map lasts longer (!), but I had to leave the game shortly after. Demos are very short, so it shouldn't be a problem to watch them.



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